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Areas of Practice

We help the victims of accidents that were caused by the negligence of others.  No matter how you were hurt we can get you the cash justice you deserve.

Your Advocates

We Fight Harder Than Anyone for our Clients

We have been collecting cash justice for our clients who have been injured in all types of accidents for decades.  See all the different types of cases we specialize in.

Automobile Accidents

Dont settle for low insurance offers. We get the cash justice you deserve.
Serious auto crashes can cause painful and debilitating injuries. We can help you collect for the damages you have suffered.
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Personal Injury

Have you been injured by someone's negligence?
Accidents happen in New York every day, and unfortunately, many of them lead to significant injuries.
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Construction Accidents

We fight for victims of jobsite accidents.
Failure to enforce safety standards can result in unsafe job sites that cause injuries to workers.
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Product Liability

Slip or Trip and falls happen on public or private property, and can result in life altering injuries.
There are countless injuries that occur annually as a result of defective and dangerous products.
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Premises Liability

Slip and falls and trip and falls on public private property.
Slip and falls on public private property can leave you or your loved one with life-altering injuries.
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Vaccine Injuries

It is well known that vaccines can cause a wide variety of side effects.
Although vaccines can help people, in some cases, they can actually cause more damage than good.
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Traumatic Brain Injuries

We fight for those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.
Victims of traumatic brain injuries and their families may find themselves paying extremely high costs over the course of the victim’s life.
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Motorcycle Accidents

Victims of motorcycle accidents caused by others need help.
Motorcycle accidents can leave you with permanent and debilitating injuries.
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Wrongful Death

Surviving family members may be entitled to obtain compensation.
When an untimely death is caused by negligence, the victim’s surviving family are entitled to compensation for what was taken from them.
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Bicycle Accidents

Being struck while riding a bicycle can cause serious lasting injuries.
We can help when a bicycle accident leaves you with permanent and debilitating injuries.
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Foodborne Illness

When the case is serious we can help you collect damages.
These diseases can range in severity, causing everything from a mild upset stomach, a permanent disease such as hepatitis, to death.
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Catastrophic Injuries

We help victims and their loved ones pursue the fight for justice.
Help cover current and future medical expenses as well as lost income and pain and suffering.
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We Collect For The Victims Of Negligence

What Should I do First?

Seek Medical Attention for Your Injuries Immediately

If you or a family member have been injured in an accident of any kind, it is imperative that you seek emergency medical care immediately.  The second thing should be to contact a seasoned New York, NY personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible.

Do I Have A Case?

Contact Us To Learn If You have a case and what it's worth.

Robinson Yablon Cooper & Bonfante, LLP has successfully assisted thousands of injured individuals and their families obtain the maximum damage award possible in their accident cases. 

When is the right time to Act?

Time is of the essence. Don't wait to seek legal counsel.

There is a statute of limitations on personal injury cases in New York. The statutes vary depending on the type of case – contact Robinson Yablon Cooper & Bonfante, LLP immediately to learn more.